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Molly: 7-8 year old female Yellow Lab 65 pounds Spayed

Background: Molly was adopted from Lily’s Legacy and the current owner has had her for around 13 months. Their home situation is changing and unfortunately they need to rehome Molly. It is a hard decision but they know it will be best for her.

What Molly's Owner Says: Molly is a 7-year-old female lab who will steal your heart with affection and her goofy demeanor. She loves attention and quickly stole the hearts of my two and three-year-old babies. Although they were gentle with her, she was always more than tolerant when they wanted to lay with her, and always wanted to be with them. That said, Molly loves food, so we had to separate them during snack time. Molly would be a permanent lapdog if we allowed her to be. She is such a sweetheart, albeit clumsy, and has been wonderful to our kids and family friends.

She is fixed and up to date on vaccines. Zero health problems, and routinely sees her vet for her annual checkup. Her typical day would include lying next to me on her dog bed while I work in my office, walking around the yard, chasing birds off the grass, and laying in the sun on the patio. She is house-trained and helps herself via the dog door to go outside when she wants to check things out. She does well with other dogs, but I encourage proper introductions on a leash because she gets excited about playing and that tends to be overwhelming for other dogs. We have an outdoor cat, and with some training, she would let it be when he came to the door for food.

Although she loves to be invited, she doesn’t climb on furniture and is perfectly happy lying at your feet on the floor. She just wants to be loved and around people. When left alone, Molly is a counter surfer and can’t distinguish between which toys are hers. She doesn’t destroy furniture or walls, but she will make it her mission to get into something she isn’t supposed to. She is fixed and up to date on vaccines, no health problems, and routinely sees her vet for her annual checkup. I would love to see her go to a home with kids, a yard to explore, and have someone who is home most of the day for companionship.

What Molly's Rescue Rep Says: We want Molly to go to a home that has the time for an active dog. (Couple of good walks a day.) Molly is a Great dog and Lily’s Legacy felt she was a breeding dog and she was found on the streets of Southern CA. She has been around kids, cats, other dogs and has not had any issues. Molly likes to ride in the car, likes, to fetch but may not give the ball back each time. Molly knows – sit, stay, down, come and have decent leash skills. When she does see other dogs on leash she can get excited but all she wants to do is go and play. Molly may counter surf at times and she will chew kids toys and swallow them. (GGLRR wants an owner that will make sure Molly will be safe from ingesting things she should not get into.) Molly is house trained and is allowed on human furniture. She has been around the outdoor cat and has been trained to leave the cat alone; we are not sure about an indoor cat. Molly is a complete sweetheart and wants to be cuddled. Molly can be in a home with another dog.

Medical: Molly has no health issues and is spayed, up to date on her shots, is microchipped and on flea and tick and heartguard.

Located In: Penngrove

If you are interested in adopting this nice girl please contact Rescue Rep Liz at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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