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Oliver “Ollie” 9 Year Old Chocolate Male Lab Neutered 73lbs.

Background: GGLRR adopted Oliver out to the current owners in 2022 but due to a move overseas they need to find Oliver a new home. This was Oliver’s listing when we adopted him out: Found as a stray in Stockton, Oliver’s owner was tracked down due to Oliver’s registered microchip, but has owner declined the opportunity come and recover him. This was from Olivers foster last year: Oliver is very friendly and affectionate. He likes to be around people, usually following us from room to room and often settling nearby when we’re in one place for an extended period. He loves the ball and will bring the ball and drop it on your feet when he wants to play -- also enjoys going for walks. He is smart, having learned to use the doggie door after just a couple of tries. So far, he has not counter-surfed or “investigated” the trash basket. He tends to pull a bit when we go for walk, although he seems to pace really well when running with me. He is house-trained and enjoys car rides, though he sometimes tends to want to be the co-pilot. Oliver enjoys playing with other dogs and he has gotten along well with our neighbors’ two dogs. We don’t know how he is around cats.

What Oliver's Owner Says: Oliver is a wonderful 9-year old chocolate lab who has the energy of a 4-year old. He is very low maintenance. He just wants to be with his people, following us around from room to room. He is house-trained and never had an accident inside the house. We have left him alone inside for up to 8 hours (he will most likely be ok longer) without any incidents - he does not counter surf. He does not have food or toy guarding issues. He is dog-friendly - he has been to dog parks and does well at doggie day care group play. He loves going on car rides and can easily jump in and out of the car. His exercise includes daily walks in the morning for about an hour and the rest of the day, just fetching the ball at home. He is mainly an indoor dog although we are sure he would love to roam around, given a safe space outside. He sleeps on his dog bed, outside our bedroom. He does not have his incisors - his teeth were ground down to the gums when he was rescued and they had to be extracted. He has one fang and his back teeth intact - he still chews his food, enjoys dental sticks and can squeak his balls and toys. As far as negative behavior, there really isn't much. He initially pulls hard on a leash during walks but mellows down after a while. He is a very strong dog. He barks only when excited - right before he knows he's going to eat, walk, or go in the car. He is not crate-trained but well behaved so we don't need to confine him. Another thing worth mentioning (although not really a negative) is that when a new male figure comes inside the house, he tends to bark but remains a distance away. He does not show aggressive behavior towards them but perhaps afraid or feels threatened. Once he knows he is safe, he settles down and becomes really friendly to the male guest, handing him his ball and asking to be petted. Since we just adopted him, we don't know what he has been through in the past that made him this way. Note however, when he meets a new male person outside of our home, he is totally fine with him from the start.

What Oliver's Rescue Rep Says: What a delightful dog! Many upsides to this guy. If you are looking for a gentle, easy-going dog, Oliver might be your guy. He loves his walks, can be around other dogs and we are not sure about cats. He would be fine in a home with kids. Oliver knows many commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Fetch, Leave It, Take it and Wait. He gets an hour walk each day, likes to ride in car, barks when excited, likes to fetch and comes when called. He goes to dog parks and doggie day care group play on a regular basis.

Medical: Oliver is updated on everything and has had a full health check: blood work and all looks good. From the owner: Health-wise, about 8 weeks ago or so, we noticed a little bit of blood in his stool. His vet at Bishop Ranch Vet Center did an anal test twice and saw nothing wrong. They did a fecal test and also saw nothing wrong. We were advised to see a doctor of internal medicine so we did. The specialist at Beacon Vet Specialists did a 3rd anal test and did feel a polyp however, this polyp does not bleed when touched. It could be a bleeding polyp further in but not for certain. We decided to not put Oliver through more testing as everything has come back negative and he is a very healthy dog. Eating, walking and having a Great life just fine.

Located In: Fremont Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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