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Video: Roy Enjoying his Foster Dad.

Video: Leash Walk with Roy.

Video: Roy meets a dog at the shelter.

Video: Roy meets another dog at the shelter.

Roy -- 7-year-old yellow male Lab 62 pounds Neutered

Background: Roy came to us from the Stockton shelter where he'd been found as a stray. We don't know anything more about him but he was reported to be a very sweet boy at the shelter. The shelter reported that he was limping on one of his back legs, but shelter x-rays did not show any fracture. Our vet determined he was suffering from hip dysplasia... and that he'd be a great candidate for femoral head osteotomy (FHO) surgery to resolve the issues with that hip joint. So he got the FHO surgery a few weeks ago and is now doing great at his foster home.

What Roy's Foster Says: Roy is an amazing and resilient dog. He is energetic, calm, gentle, playful, patient and friendly. He loves kids and includes the entire family in his playtime. He is a positive dog and knows his limits. Roy is toy and food-motivated, loves playing fetch, and rolls around the grass. He loves to be cuddled, belly rubs, and involves everyone in the family. He is an obedient dog and listens to instructions. Roy loves to go on walks (short ones for now as he recovers), play fetch (sitting next to you based on his current condition), and toss the ball back to you. He loves treats and waits patiently. Loves car rides, especially looking out the windows, and keeps alternating between both of them. He likes people to be around him and is not comfortable when left alone. On a walk when he sees other dogs, bikers, or people (sometimes) he barks at them and pulls on the leash. He is very possessive of his new toys for the initial few minutes before he brings them out to you to play with. Roy likes to start his days with a small walk to take care of business, breakfast around 7:30 AM, followed by a short walk 30 min later. He likes short walks every 2-3 hours and naps or prefers to laze around between them. He has his dinner around 6:30 PM followed by a short walk 30 minutes later to take care of business. Before he goes to sleep by 9 PM he likes a quick walk. He sleeps very well in his crate and in 15 - 20 min you will hear him snore :). He is a very positive and calm dog despite his hip issue and is a bundle of joy and love. Hoping he finds his forever home soon as he is sure to shower them with his abundant love and positive energy.

What Roy's Rescue Rep Says: One awesome middle-aged Lab. Would make a great family dog. Needs some leash training, but he is eager to please. No idea how he is with cats.

Medical: Roy is healthy, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped. He is recovering from his recent FHO (leg) surgery... A full recovery is expected.

Located In: Mountain House

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