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Ruger: 10-year-old male black Lab, ~73 lbs, intact

Background: Sweet Ruger. What a Good Boy! Ruger is the classic Lab you've always heard about - mellow and has lived harmoniously with other dogs, cats, and even chickens. Ruger just wants to be Loved. Ruger's human guardians passed away and their daughter took Ruger in. While she loves him dearly, she is sadly realizing that her busy and irregular work schedule is not the best for Ruger. So she contacted Lab Rescue to find Ruger a forever home to provide Ruger the love, attention, and care that this amazing dog truly deserves to live out his golden years.

What Ruger's Owner Says: Ruger is a wonderful dog, so smart and sweet, he was my parents' dog and they loved him so much, however both of my parents passed away recently, and this is an emotional process for me, however, I cannot care for Ruger long-term and am looking for a loving home for him.

Ruger is a 10-year-old registered unneutered black lab. My parents got him directly from a wonderful breeder at about 9 weeks old. He loves to be around people, swim, walk, play with toys, and fetch. He is well-mannered and trained in the basic commands of sit, stay, come, down, go to your bed, go get it, no, go, drop it, etc. He is a gentle dog that just loves people and wants to be loved and petted. He is good with other dogs and cats.

What Ruger's Rescue Rep and Evaluator Say: From our evaluator who met Ruger "OMG I wanted to ask my husband if we could bring Ruger home. There is 1 lucky family out there that is going to get this guy."

Ruger was whining a bit when I got there because he wanted to meet me. He greeted me by sniffing my hand and letting me pet his head all while his tail was wagging. He did not jump on me. Ruger and I went on a short walk. He likes to sniff all the new smells and mark his territory every few feet. When he started to pull the correction collar that his owner had on him worked great. I gave it just a very small tug and he eased up immediately. When I sat and ignored Ruger he was very curious as to everything that was going on around him at the park. He let me pet him all over, head to toe, ears, paws, hips and tummy. He eats with intent but is not aggressive. I moved the bowl away and even put my hand in it and he was fine.

Ruger met my 3-year-old dog just fine. He whined again because he just wanted to meet her and play. Ruger got all kinds of great tests at the park. A kid was kicking a soccer ball and though he was interested in the ball he didn’t run for it. Kids rode by on motorcycles and bikes, again with no problem (no barking or no pulling towards the action) and he happily greeted some walkers who stopped to say hi and pet his head. Ruger simply just stood by our feet while we chatted.

Ruger is a quintessential lab. Happy, social, mellow, eager to please and likes to be with people and get lots of pets. He would make a fantastic family dog who is willing to take on his diabetes. He would get along fine with another dog, would be great with kids of all ages, but would require adults to walk him because he is a big dog who needs to relearn how to heel. I can't wait to see the lucky family who gets this sweet, mellow and handsome fellow.

Senior dogs hold a special place in one's heart, their time with us may be shorter, but it is oh so rich! Ruger will be that dog you can't forget.

Medical: Ruger has had regular vet care and is up to date on vaccinations. He was diagnosed with diabetes in Feb 2023 and his diabetes is well managed with medication. Lab Rescue is looking for an adopter who has the means, ability, and regular schedule to provide Ruger with the every 12 hour injections he needs to manage his diabetes. A retired couple or an adopting family with someone who works from home would be great. Ruger is still intact, and Lab Rescue will coordinate his neuter with the adopter.

Located In: Walnut Creek

If you are interested in sweet Ruger, please contact Rescue Rep Katy at In your email, please tell me about yourself and why you would be a good fit for Ruger.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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