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Black, CJ, and Shep: ~11 months old male Silver Labs ~50 pounds Not Neutered

Background:These boys are being surrendered to Lab Rescue by a family in Tuolomne County who bred the parents and had a litter of 11 Lab puppies in March of 2023. The litter have been genetically tested as Chocolate. 8 of the littermates were sold, while Black, CJ, and Shep still remain.

What Their Family Says: CJ went away for 10 days and lived with a family that had two children under 6. He got returned after the husband was diagnosed with MS. I don't know what happened there but his personality changed. He was a happy, playful, well rounded pup, but when he returned, he was different. He is still playful with us but is skittish with strangers. He will warm up to people, but they have to take things slow. He likes all my children and craves the attention. He will bark when crated if he needs something: potty, water or sometimes just attention. There was a second family that had wanted CJ after he came back, but unfortunately the little boy who had chosen him passed away before he could have his heart surgery and the mom couldn't take him after losing her son.

CJ is full of energy and needs someone willing to give him attention. He is more vocal than his siblings. He loves to fetch and will try to make his siblings chase him for things. He is a quick learner and seems very intelligent.

Shep went to live with an older woman in Alameda for 1 week. She returned him because he had separation anxiety and would bark if left alone. She was working at home but had just been informed she would have to return to the office full time and didn't want to put in the time to work with him. He seemed sad and would sit at our fence waiting for her, so we decided to pair him with Black who had never left us. They have since shared a large sized crate together. If someone has their heart set on two dogs, I would pair Shep and Black.

Shep is a big boy and loves getting his hips scratched and rubbed. He doesn't fetch and will only retrieve sometimes. We walked him on a gentle lead and he did ok. It took him the longest to learn to sit, but he's sitting now.

Black loves to press against you when you pet him. He will come and look for reassurance from us when he is unsure of something. For example, the first time he saw and heard the garbage truck, he ran back to us and sat near us until he was told it was okay. He loves to fetch and will drop things at your feet. He was one of the first to learn to sit. He has gone on walks using a gentle lead. Black loves to play with the hose and will jump into the stream of water.

WE LOVE THEM ALL, but can't have 6 dogs (we already have three) and it's not fair to them since we are unable to devote the time and attention they desperately need.

What Thier Rescue Rep Says: These boys will require work as they are presently living in a rural area without exposure to other dogs and unfamiliar people (human strangers). However, they did okay meeting our tester dog and are accustomed to the parents and children (17, 13, 11, and 6 years) of their current family. We are looking for experienced adopters who are around a lot in order to attend to the needs of a young dog and can provide more attention, training, and socialization. We think they would do better in a quieter, suburban environment. Each will need leash work. It will be important to take things slow, especially with CJ as he seemed to be the most skittish; he barked at our volunteer who went out to meet/evaluate, but after approximately 15 minutes, calmed down, took treats, and allowed her to pet him. Obedience/training class with other dogs should be part of the plan.

Medical: All are dewormed, current on DA2PP, and will be receveiving their Rabies vaccination. Lab Rescue will coordinate neutering and get them microchipped.

Located In:Twain Harte

If you might be interested in adopting one of these puppies, please contact Rescue Rep Kris at AND tell me about yourself and why your home would be a good fit for him.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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