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Video: Tater chilling... with that huge splint.

Tater -- 2-year-old fox red male Lab 70-lbs Not yet neutered

Background: We received a call from the Stockton shelter in mid-June regarding a stray dog that was bought into the shelter with a fractured right leg (humerus bone). No idea how the break occurred. The shelter named the dog “Potato” – hmmmmm. We renamed him "Tater" soon after he joined our program. We got him to a Dublin vet that treated the fracture (with a titanium plate and screws). Tater is still recovering and will be wearing a "spica splint" until the end of August. Full recovery is expected.

What Tater's Foster Says: Super dog. Wants to be with his people. Loves to lie on a dog bed and keep an eye on me as I work in my home office. Does great with other dogs -- but wants to romp and play which we cannot allow yet due to his recovery. Not yet entirely house-trained. Tater spends much of his time in an x-pen chilling out as he recovers.

What Tater's Rescue Rep Says: Stunningly awesome dog. Will be an active and energetic dog once he is fully healed and allowed to romp like any other young dog. Potentially great dog for family with older children.

Medical: Tater is in fine health. Vet believes the leg will heal and that Tater will have full use of that leg. Just needs to take it easy for a while. Current on Rabies and distemper vaccinations, and heartworm negative. Not yet microchipped or neutered.

Located In: Rodeo. Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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