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Theo 6-year-old male black Lab mix 91 lbs Neutered

Background: Theo joined our program in May 2022 from the Stockton shelter where he’d been picked up as a stray. He was found to be heartworm positive once he was in our care, and his initial foster in Alamo nursed him all the way through his heartworm treatment protocol. He completed the two final treatments to rid him of the heartworms last August. The fosters grew very fond of Theo during his stay with them and had hoped to adopt him, but he nipped their kids – and they just could not trust him with children. So we relocated Theo to Diesel Ranch in Placerville as he awaits his forever home.

What Theo Says:"I am a dog of relaxation. Two 30-minute leash walks per day is plenty for me. I do kinda alternate between lying on my dog beds and roaming in the yard, sniffing out gopher holes. Some folks have called me a bull-in-a-china-shop kind of dog. Well, I just like to be first in line – for everything… for food, for a squeaky toy (which I will gladly disembowel), for a belly scratch, for a double ear rub. While I don’t like some dogs; other dogs I am completely fine with -- I get along great with my roomie dog Diesel adn my fellow foster dog Barney. My favorite canine yoga positions are Downward Facing Sofa and Warrior II While Gnawing Bone. I do my best yoga poses on my couch. Gosh, I can meditate on it for hours. I do have a tendency to gather towels and blankets and shoes… I am a collector of sorts… and then on occasion, chew on them a bit. I may also countersurf to find and devour any food that might be left on a counter. My drooling when dinner is headed my way is a genetic aberration, I guess -- I attribute it to my Grandpa Klaus who was mostly Saint Bernard. Now that guy could drool! I would love to find a retired person to adopt me -- someone that hangs around her garage and builds things, someone who works in his garden and needs "supervision", someone who does jigsaw puzzles while they watch TV… and just wants a dog hanging out with him, chasing rats and stuff. Someone with a few cool friends that I can meet and become friends with. Yeah, that would be a real good match for me. That adopter is out there. I've been here as a foster at Diesel Ranch for nearly a year -- time for me to find my forever home!"

What Theo's Foster Says:Theo is a big, handsome guy. A lover of his peeps, he just wants to be around you all day. He will follow you all day long. He looks for your pets and for you to hold his paw. He really makes a great companion. Theo does not realize his size and strength and could use some work in learning leash skills. He is proficient at “sit” and “wait” before entering and exiting outside. Theo is house-trained and crate-trained but prefers not to be in a crate. He knows basic commands of “sit”, “paw”, “stay”, "wait",and “out”. Theo can be left alone inside for an extended period of time but does not like to be left outside alone for long. Theo sleeps quietly through the night on his dog bed in the living room or in my bedroom, but really you will probably find him in the room where you are. Theo also loves to play fetch (kinda) and go for walks -- pulls a bit on leash. Theo can be a bit protective of his owners and will bark at some people he is not familiar with and some other dogs. For this reason, he would do best in an adult-only home and, perhaps, be the only dog. A DNA analysis of Theo found that he was a mix of Doberman, Rottweiler, St Bernard, Labrador retriever, and a few other breeds. Does fine with my chickens. Theo loves my dog sitter/walker and her daughter.

What Theo's Rescue Rep Says: What a great goofball dog – except for his occasional snarkiness towards people he is not familiar with. Slow introductions to new people (armed with treats) work great… and he quickly becomes comfortable with new folks. Best for Theo to go to a home without children. Leash walks are great for Theo – he loves them. Could be fine in a home with another dog. Not good for a home with cats.

Medical: Theo is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered. Part of his tail had to be removed due to severe case of “happy tail” that refused to heal – so he now has half-a-tail. He has recovered from pulmonary hypertension – an effect of the heartworm. We are endeavoring to resolve a long-standing hot spot on Theo’s front right foot that he often licks.

Located in: Placerville (but we are happy to rendezvous with you in the SF Bay area for any meet-ups).

If you want to adopt Theo, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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