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Theo 5-year-old male black Lab mix 107 lbs Neutered

Background: Theo joined our program in May 2022 from the Stockton shelter where he’d been picked up as a stray. He was found to be heartworm positive once he was in our care, and his initial foster in Alamo nursed him all the way through his heartworm treatment protocol. He completed the two final treatments to rid him of the heartworms in August. The fosters grew very fond of Theo during his stay with them and had hoped to adopt him, but he has nipped their kids and snapped at a visiting child – and they just cannot trust him with children. So we’ve relocated Theo to Diesel Ranch in Placerville as he looks for his forever home.

What Theo's Initial Foster Says:Theo is a very big, handsome and strong guy. He is a lover of his family and just wants to be around you all day. He will follow you all day long. He constantly looks for pets and for you to hold his paw. He really makes a great companion. Theo does not realize his size and strength and could use some work in learning manners and leash skills. We are working very hard with “sit” and “stay” before entering and exiting outside. Theo has a soft mouth when taking treats. Theo is house-trained and crate-trained but prefers not to be in a crate. He knows basic commands of “sit”, “paw”, “stay” and “out”. Theo can be left alone inside for a few hours but does not like to be left outside alone for long periods of time. He can tend to get anxious and starts to lick at his front right paw. Theo sleeps quietly through the night on his dog bed in our room and has access to the entire house, but really you will find him in the room where you are. Theo also loves to play fetch and go for walks. Theo can be protective of his owners and has reacted by lunging, barking and growling to people and dogs. For this reason, he would do best in an adult-only home and be the only dog. We did a DNA analysis of Theo and found that he was a mix of Doberman, Rottweiler, St Bernard, Labrador retriever, and a few other breeds.

What Theo's Current Foster Says:One big major goofball. Very affectionate and loves to hang out with his people. Theo is a destroyer of plush toys, rubber toys, towels, and some dog beds. He gets along fine with my 9-year-old male Lab “Diesel”. Theo has seen cats at a distance in our neighborhood and shown some interest in chasing after them. He has a soft mouth when taking treats; loves his bones. We are working on leash manners and walk him on a harness; he is a strong dog but responds well to direction on leash. House trained. Theo will collect all of his toys and available towels and blankets in his bed area and lie among all the stuff. He’s been sneaking up on my couch if I leave the house; if I put a chair on the couch; he does not try to get up onto the couch. Sleeps through the night with a nice quiet snore.

What Theo's Rescue Rep Says: What a great dog – except for his anxieties toward some other dogs and past snarkiness around children. Best for Theo to go to a home without children. He is a bit of a project, but the payoff will be huge. He is on limited exercise during his recovery from heartworm – minimal running, jumping, romping, wrassling, or fetching. Leash walks are great for Theo – he loves them. Slow introductions to new people work great… and he quickly becomes comfortable with new folks. Might just be fine in a home with another dog, but I think he’d best be a solo dog. Not good for a home with cats. Theo seems to be more comfortable with men. If you are a guy and want a big goober dog to be your sidekick, then Theo might be the dog for you.

Medical: Theo is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Recently neutered. Part of his tail had to be removed due to severe case of “happy tail” that refused to heal – so he now has half-a-tail. He has pulmonary hypertension – possible an effect of the heartworm – and is on a daily med for that. We are endeavoring to resolve a long-standing hot spot on Theo’s front right foot that he often licks – so Theo has been wearing a cone to discourage him from licking that paw.

Located in: Placerville

If you want to adopt Theo, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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