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Zeke -- 9-month-old male black Lab 55 pounds Not yet neutered

Background: Zeke was acquired from a breeder at 8 weeks of age and adored by his family. After a recent vet visit, it was recommended that Zeke's leg be amputated after x-rays revealed elbow dysplasia. Zeke was also born with a malformed paw, which the family was already aware of. Zeke's family could not afford the surgery and they did not want to return him to the breeder, as he would be put to sleep. They want Zeke to have the best life with a family that can provide him with the care and love he needs.

What Zeke's Foster Says: Zeke gets along great with other dogs. Just wants to play and run around with them. Doesn’t play with toys by himself but loves a good game of tug a war! He loves to be around other people and children (age 2-18). He is not your typical crazy 9 month old lab. He is really mellow and thinks he is lap dog. He loves nothing more than to curl up next to you. We cannot keep him out of our pool. He loves the water!!! Completely crate trained but still has an occasional accident in house.

When given treats he has come a long way. His mouth is getting softer everyday. He has great recall. He will sit and lays down on command. He will counter or plate surf if no one is watching.

What Zeke's Rescue Rep Says: Another Lab Rescue rep went out and met Zeke and found a playful, active puppy, a little cautious around the rep, at first, but warmed up quickly. Zeke's family described Zeke as a very energetic and playful pup that loves to go on walks, loves his toys and loves children. We'd like Zeke to go to family who will adore him as much as his previous family did, one where he won't be left for long periods of the day and has the time, energy, and patience to care for a young pup.

Medical: Zeke has a congenital left forelimb deformity which consists of a malformed paw and elbow dysplasia. The family vet recommended amputation of his left leg. Zeke does favor the leg after playing and doesn't like his paw to be touched. However, a specialist we sent Zeke to said no treatment is warranted at this time as his limitations are minimal as he uses the leg. Zeke has been put on an anti-inflammatory. He may require surgery in the future which will be the responsibility of his future family to take care of.

Zeke is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. Zeke's future neuter will be coordinated with Lab Rescue, preferably when he's fully grown.

Located in: Walnut Creek

If you are interested in adopting Zeke, please contact Rescue Rep Kris at krisellen.nm@gmail.com .

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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