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ZOE: 7- year-old black female Lab Mix, Spayed, 50 Pounds

Background: Looking to rehome due to changes in the family's schedule that don't allow for the time and attention that Zoe needs and deserves.

We had an evaluator go out and meet Zoe and here's what she said: She just turned 7 and is a great and easy dog. 50 lbs and eager to please but not a velcro dog. Zoe came across as very vibrant and aware of her surroundings. She does not jump on people but is eager to greet everyone. Zoe does know many commands (sit, down, shake, spin and her recall is great). Zoe is fine with taking the elevator down in her building and we went for a walk in the neighborhood. Zoe does well on a leash. When off leash, she likes to test her legs and run. She comes when called. Even though Zoe’s owner says she is selective with the dogs she plays with, she did very well as we passed a large boxer that the owner had to restrain. Zoe is food motivated and takes treats gently. You can take food or toys from her without any problem. Her owner says that she can be protective of her toy around other dogs. She loves to go out and exercise and would be a great hiking companion. She loves to play ball, too! She should be easy to adopt out: crate trained, housebroken, sleeps on her dog bed at night and does not jump on furniture.

What Zoe's Foster Says: She is a Lab mix (possibly mixed with Whippet or Border Collie) Zoe is house-trained,crate-trained and has obedience training. She likes to be active outside, playing fetch, swimming, and going on hikes. Given how happy Zoe is to meet new humans, I think any new family that meets her will find a very energetic girl and it's important to know she isn't the same way indoors, where she is calm and happy to lounge on her dog bed or be curled up at your feet.

What Zoe's Rescue Rep Says: While Zoe is a big sweetheart, she hasn't had much experience with small children; the loud noises and sudden movements seem to make her feel uneasy where the owner reports she often prefers more quiet and will retreat to another space. We are looking for an active adopter or family that can give Zoe the exercise and attention she needs. Zoe is reported to be dog selective so probably not a dog park type of dog. Zoe loves to play fetch, go on adventures and swim.

Medical: Zoe is in good health and current on vaccinations.

Located In: Sunnyvale.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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