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Sophie 12-year-old female yellow Lab 70 lbs Spayed

Background: Sophie had been with her family since she was a puppy, but Sophie didn't seem to appreciate the recent addition of a 1-year-old baby to the family. Sophie has growled and snapped at the youngster and the family reluctantly made the decision to find Sophie a new home.

What Sophie's Former Owner Says: Sophie is independent, disciplined, and play-motivated. She enjoys pets and loves to play ball. She is house-broken and has used a crate in the past, but we do not crate her now. Sophie is only alone for a few hours each day, but she can be left in the house alone for up to six hours with no issues. She does pretty good on leash and knows a few commands: sit, lay down, stay, wait, come and leave it. Sophie doesn't appreciate dogs coming to meet her. Sophie will snap at other dogs if they come up to her. Sophie will avoid other dogs at all costs. She is independent and prefers to do her own thing and shows no interest in other dogs. The arthritis in her back legs/hips hinders her mobility a little -- but she is still game to play and fetch her ball. Likes to ride in the car and loves to swim in the water. Sophie will growl when our 1-year-old is around her things. Sophie has arthritis in her hind legs and a few lipomas on her stomach. She walks just fine but if she runs, she will typically limp afterwards so we keep her play time limited to on leash walks.

What Our Evaluator Says: Sophie is mobile and responsive... and was very excited that our arrival might mean a walk! At this stage, she has some arthritis & some skin issues, but she’s been well cared for & happy. She has always had walks, treats and affection, but not much socialization. She doesn’t frequent dog parks, so we took our dog Lucky to meet her. She was comfortable with Lucky, but I wouldn’t recommend a foster with young, lively dogs. She’s a sweet old girl, & in pretty good shape… The lipomas on her belly appear to be minor. The arthritis in her right hip doesn’t slow her down, either — she acts like a puppy sometimes, dancing around! Sweet old girl!

What Sophie's Foster Says: Sophie is a lively 12-year-old cutie petutie ! If she was a car she would be a Tesla because she can operate “hands-free”. She is very well behaved, perfect in the house, and gentle and loving. Sophie is excited when company comes but, calms right down after about 5 minutes. She doesn’t resource guard, and loves adventures in the car. Sophie does have several limitations. She has never met a ball she can’t retrieve and would do so till she fell over. The vet has said no ball for Sophie because it affects her existing arthritis and causes her to limp after playing. She enjoys a daily 30-min walk but long hikes would not be advisable. She is such a good dog who LOVES to be with her pack but can also be left at home to nap if you need to run errands, go to lunch etc. She lost her family of 12 years but after a couple of days she adjusted to her new situation well and we are now best friends. She could be your new best friend too.

What Sophie's Rescue Rep Says: Sophie is a pretty chill dog that is happy to hang with her peeps and go on a few short walks each day. A little ball play in the backyard will make her happy. Best that Sophie go to a home with no children and no other young dogs. Older chill dogs might be just fine. No idea how Sophie is with cats.

Medical: Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, spayed, and microchipped. Appears to be in pretty good health. A few lumps and bumps that come with age.

Located In: Petaluma

If you are interested in Sophie, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

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